Question about bump in eye have had a bump in eye for almost a year and a half. Does not hurt and has had hardly any growth or change. If any. It's very firm. Almost feels like a piece of rice. Have another smaller version in the same eye. And 2 in the

These . These bumps are called chalazion and they are there as a result of blocked oil glands that open along the eyelash margin. If the bump was tender and red, then hot compresses would be helpful. As it is, the only treatment at this point is to consider surgical evacuation of the bumps by an ophthalmologist. I would advise a daily regimen in the future of warm compresses in the evening before bed for 4 minutes and trying a supplement called flaxseed oil once a day.
You . You most likely have had chalazia---kind of like a stye, but further up in the eyelid. When they heal without treatment, they sometimes will leave a hard bump in the lid. If they both you, they can be removed by an oculoplastic specialist (should be covered by insurance) and at least they can evaluate and make sure there is no tumor in the eyelids.
It . It sounds like you are having problems related to recurrent styes. And the doctors that you have seen could describe them as blocked glands. These are usually not a problem as far as vision goes, but can occasionally become more inflamed and painful. As long as the current bumps are comfortable and not visible, they do not need to be treated. The real question is why you get them so often! you should see an eye doctor for evaluation and treatment. You may have a common condition called blepharitis, which responds to very simple treatment plans.
There . There are many glands on the eyelids that produce greasy layer of the tear film. They can get clogged. When that gland gets infected, it is called a stye. Stye will be tender to touch. Often they will resolve without treatment but warm compress is recommended. When the stye does not resolve and is long lasting, it will leave behind a firm nodule. This is called a chalazia. It is a benign condition. Recurrent stye or chalazia are caused by frequent clogging of the glands. Often, these patients have affinity for nut or nut products. But, it is more likely genetics that is to blame. The treatment for stye is warm compress for ~ 1 hour per day. Not easy to do but very affective. Chalazia usually requires surgical removal.