Penis drainage taking a prior prescription for a dermatological procedure - doxycycl hyc 100 mg from what I have self diagnosed as gonorrhea

Unreliable treatment. Doxycycline is a poor drug for gonorrhea; it will fail to cure 10-20% of patients. And if you acquired gonorrhea while taking doxy, for sure it won't work: you wouldn't have been infected if doxy were active against your gonorrhea strain. Anyway, maybe not gonorrhea. Stop screwing around with this and see a doctor or clinic for proper care!
It . It is never a good idea to self diagnose and treat. If you are still experiencing penile discharge you need to have a formal medical evaluation. Doxycycline 100mg twice a day for one week should work if it is in fact gonorrhea; however it is something else like chlamydia, you will need a different treatment. Lastly make sure all partners are informed and treated. Please protect yourself in the future by using condoms.