Pinched nerve hello, I have what I think is a pinched nerve in my neck or scapula. When I turn my head to the left I get a numb and a shooting pain on my left arm through my hand. When I massage my right scapula the same happens on my left. Who shall I

Spine Surgeon. This can come from several issues, the most concerning would be a pinched nerve in the neck. First see a spine surgeon, they will get an MRI or other scan of your neck. Other possibilities include muscle spasms or other myofascial pain types. Once you have the cause worked out you can seek the treatment right for you.
You . You can buy a soft collar at most pharmacies. You can also buy a self use, over-the-door, type of neck traction device with a water bag at most pharmacies. Check with your family doctor first to be sure this is ok with your doctor. Frankly, there is a lot that you can do for yourself, if you know how. Patients do not need to go for expensive scanning and specialty consultation, in order to get basic care.