What treatment/comfort is available for end stage chf? Having trouble breathing; has to stand most of time to breathe. 13% ejection fraction from recent heart attack due to collapsed stent.. . History of coronary artery disease since 1990

See your doctor. There are many treatments for heart failure. If you cannot lie down you need immediate treatment. Call your heart doctor now or go to the er.
1. . 1. Laying with 5-6 pillows underneath your back will help keep your airways open and ease the work of breathing. 2 taking breathing treatments, like nebulizers will also help. 3. Use an incentive spirometer to practice taking deep breaths. This is a device that patient suck air from, stregthening the airway and lungs. 4. Avoid salt, as this causes water retention which is more work for your heart, 5. Medication: there are some cardiac medication that target specific actions in the heart. To name a few: your doctor can consider prescribing a diuretic to decrease preload into the heart, decreases the workload of the heart. He can also prescribe a medicine to increase contractility and make the heart pump stronger, if your doctor deems this an appropriate treatment. Talk to your doctor about these options, and also about choosing a diet and life style that can help increase the quality of your comfort.