Can you get hpv, the one that causes cervical cancer, by oral sex? My husband had an extra marital affair and he said it was just oral sex. I found on the computer that HPV is tranfered from person to person from body fluids. Is that correct?

HPV . Hpv can be transmitted through oral sex as well as kissing with an open mouth. The strains of hpv that cause cervical cancer are also a high-risk factor for developing certain oral cancers. In addition to hpv other std's that are transmitted via oral sex include herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, hiv(low risk), intestinal parasites (amebiasis), and hepatitis a. So you can tell your husband that "just oral sex" is not just oral sex because it carries a risk of contracting an std and potentially passing it on to an innocent partner. I wish you well.