Is having a dbs implanted a good treatment for tardive dyskinesia?

It can be. There is increasing evidence (mostly out of Europe) that DBS can help many people with tardive dyskinesia. Unfortunately, this is currently an off-label use for DBS in the USA and hence you will need to speak to someone about entering an active research study on the subject underway in the US.
Yes but with Risks. One of the more interesting treatments currently being explored for tardive dyskinesia (td) is known as "deep brain stimulation" (dbs). This method of treating neurological and movement disorders was first approved by the food and drug administration in 1997. Since then, it has proven to have great benefits, but equally serious risks.

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Are there any treatments/therapy to help with eating difficulty due to tardive dyskinesia.

Tardive dyskinesia. Is treated with either Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or Cogentin by the physician who prescribed the neuroleptic medication. The physician will certainly want to know about this side effect to be able to monitor response to medication & make decisions about changing the neuroleptic depending on the response. Read more...