Is it very likely that I have hiv? Should I be concerned? I am concerned that I might have hiv. I have had three sex partners, and had sexual relations (not intercourse) a week before I started feeling things. Right now I have a sore throat, fatigue, n

Your . Your symptoms can very well be due to a common cold or flu. Are you aware of any of the partners you have had being HIV positive? You should wait to get tested until approximately 4 weeks after your last sexual encounter. To be 100% sure you can re-test at 12 and 24 weeks post exposure. All the best to you.
I . I can understand your concerns. Although your symptoms are more than likely due to a "run-of-the-mill" viral syndrome, HIV infection sometimes causes these same complaints in its initial stages. If you had oral sex with one of your partners, you might also want to get checked for gonococcal pharyngitis (i.e., gonorrhea). My first recommendation would be to contact your sexual partners to see if they have risk factors for HIV (multiple partners, IV drug use, anal-receptive intercourse, etc.) or if they are, indeed, already infected. If you did get infected with HIV during one of your recent sexual encounters, you won't have detectable antibodies to the virus for several more weeks. While it's reasonable to get a baseline HIV titer, it can take up to three months after initial infection for your body to produce enough antibodies to trigger a positive result. Alternatively, a test for HIV RNA can detect the virus in your bloodstream within about 10 days of initial infection. Talk to your doctor about whether HIV screening is appropriate for you and what the best test might be. Good luck!