When should I start worrying about my moles some are small clear, and some are small and brown

ABCD's. Remember your abcd's when thinking of melanoma. Look for moles with asymmetry boarders that are irregular color differences within the same mole diameter greater than 6mm also any new mole or old that starts to itch, bleed or ulcerate should be of concern. Another rule is the ugly duckling rule. Which refers to a mole that looks distantly different from the others on your body.
The . The classic signs to consider is the size, shape, color, and behavior of the mole. Moles to worry about are larger than a pencil eraser, an irregular shape like texas or florida and not round or oval, have a change in color or is dark, dense black, are growing in size, bleeding, or in areas of irritation such as clothing friction lines. Please do not limit visits to your physician for moles only with these characteristics. Your physician will be more than happy to see you to evaluate any mole that bothers or worries you. Peace of mind is good.