Can I still be pregnant if a test came up negative and went on birth control? So I had an accident and took the morning after pill. My period came light and short. Then since then I have had sever abdominal pain after that we had unprotected sex but he pu

Yes, but unlikely. If you took the morning after pill it s unlikely that you are pregnant, however, is still possible. But if you are having severe pain you should see a gynecologist to test for other problems that may occur, as well as to make sure you are not pregnant. If pain is severe enough you may even consider visiting an urgent care or emergency room.
The . The only thing to do here is to take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor for one. Good luck.

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Started birth control week before period was supposed start. Unprotected sex on 5th day after starting birth control. Need morning after pill?

BCP. They are generally effective for sure after you have completed one pack and are probably effective after you have been on it 1-2 weeks. You should take the pills at the same time everyday, usually in the morning but that does't matter. The reason to do this is to prevent breakthrough bleeding. So, yes do the morning after pill if you do not want the possibility of pregnancy. Read more...