What the point to biopsey I have lupus, why do I have to have a biopsey. My blood levels have been adnormale for 4 months. I want to take all these new drug treatment for lupus other then predison.

Mild lupus-no pred! Most of my patients with systemic lupus respond quite well to Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and ridaura ( oral gold). Imuran also works well, as does methotrexate. All are not "new" drugs, which the vast majority do not need! Prednisone is used for severe systemic issues in high doses, or small doses for rescue therapy.
Ok . Ok you have lupus ! if all the criteria for lupus are meet, your diagnosis is there and you are right . Your doctors might want to have a biopsy for other reasons. What kind of biopsy we are talking about , is that a skin or a kindney o what kind of biopsy that might be important from the point of view of cocumentatioon , staging or treatment desicions. I need more information , and may be you also need more info. There are many new treatments and many desicions to make and many things that are yet not resolved . We cannot compare the treatments we have for lupus with the treatments we might use for a pneumonia or for diabetes.Or colestherol .