36 years old difficulty sawllowing. Feels like something in throat all the time. No problem eating / drinking. No noted throat cancer or pulps in family history, alcholics in family, drink on weekends every weekend light beer, not a lot. Noticed difficult

See your doctor. Difficulty swallowing is always a serious symptom of something obstructing the pharynx or esophagus or stomach. It is not likely that social use of alcohol plays any role and i would be more interested in your smoking history. Your doctor needs to examine your mouth and throat, and may need to do a barium swallow x-ray or have an ENT doctor take a look down there.
You . You need to be evaluated by your doctor right away. After a detailed history and physical your doctor will decide what tests are appropriate in order to make a diagnosis or you may be referred to an ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) for a consultation. There are many possibilities, you may be dealing with something as simple as reflux or a more complicated issue like a tumor or stricture. The only way to know is by having a medical evaluation. Best of luck.