I am having a toothache thats hurting into my ear what should I do I have o insurance and I am in pain I have used ibupren its also making the left side of my face hurt even other teeth... Will heat help what will help the pain

You . You really need to see a dentist. A dentist can block the pain with a local anesthetic and deal with the problem quickly, efficiently, and properly. Pain medication and antibiotics really won't help you. A visit to the er will be expensive and they won't be able to really help you much. See a dentist.
Look for.. A dental school or a clinic with a sliding fee schedule.. It may be less expensive.. But i also agree that you need to see a dentist..
Big problem. Can only be solved by seeing a dentist. Seek out the care in a clinic or dental school. This cannot be treated just with antibiotics or by yourself.