I'm a 57 year old women and my BP is 88 over 59, good or bad? I'm treated on meds for high blood pressure now, take meds daily

Too low. If your BP average is staying 88/59, your meds are too strong and should be tapered.
Hypertension . Hypertension is controlled with salt limitation, exercise, less stimulants (particularly alcohol, caffiene, smoking), stress reduction, weight reduction and antihypertensive medication. Our goal is to get your bp<135/85, without causing side effects. One of our biggest concerns is to lower your BP too low. If BP is less than 100/ 50 there is a real risk of lightheadedness, shortness of breath, irregular heartrate, fainting, fatigue, and falling. It would be reasonable for you to see your physician next week to see if your medication needs to be adjusted.