Having pain on right ribs. Is this the side effect of forteo shot I'm taking? I'm taking forteo for osteoporosis. Was taking evista but no longer working. Broke a couple of ribs on the right side on two separate occassions earlier this year. My doctor

Possible. Muscle spasms can be side effect of Forteo but if you broke ribs pain is more likely from that. Broken ribs take a long time to heal and pain may persist for months.
I . I am not sure if this is from the forteo. It can cause joint pain, however I am not sure about rib pain. If the x-rays are negative and the drug is likely not the cause, then you will need further work up; possibly a ct scan of the area looking for a cause for your pain. Is the pain burning and tingling in nature or is it dull? The former may point to nerve pain as the problem. If so there are multiple medications that your doctor can prescribe that will help with this type of pain. Please see your doctor again for further work up, good luck.