Eye problems, possibly glaucoma? Help please I am a 19 year old female who wears glasses and contacts because I cannot see distant objects. The past two weeks I have experienced eye pain in only my right eye. My right eye gets very very red and I would ge

Hi, You . Hi, you can call your doctor's office first. Your doctor or another doctor is covering emergencies for the office and would absolutely come in to see you! thanksgiving weekend or not doctors are always on call to care for patients. If you go to er, an eye doctor on call will likely to be called in and if your doc has privileges in that hospital, s/he would need to come anyway. Hope it helps. Sincerely, irina ganelis, M.D. Los angeles eye institute http://losangeleseyeinstitute.Com.
At . At your age, glaucoma does not sound like the correct diagnosis. Sounds more like a viral infection--would see your eye doctor tomorrow.
Seeing . Seeing halos around lights is not a good symptom. With the description you gave, it is hard to diagnose your condition (because the differential diagnosis is many). You should be seen by an ophthalmologist asap.