My fiance has a high risk pregnancy. We went to an appointment to have an ultrasound and a check up done with our baby. We were told the baby has possible excess tissue on the back of the neck and possible hernia. She is ten weeks pregnant and the doctor

Unfortunately . Unfortunately I am unable to give you any information on survival rates without knowing more information. Based on what is in your post, excess tissue on the back of the neck could be a sign of down's syndrome; the hernia depending on where it is carries different risks. I would like to take this opportunity to use your case as a lesson for yourself/fiance and others. Never leave a doctor's appointment with unanswered questions. You have a right to have all your questions answered and everything explained to you in detail. If the ultrasound tech. Gave you that information you need to call the doctor right away and ask forn an explanation. Make an appointment, call on the phone, write a letter. Do whatever you have to do to get answers. Best of luck.
More info. Sounds like you are getting info from your ob. If the hernia is a diaphragmatic hernia, it could be serious. You may want to inquire about the hernia further, and ask about its location, and effect or possible effects at birth.