I was recently put on coreg 3.125mg about 2 weeks ago. Almost immediately I began having swelling in my lower extremities. The swelling becomes much worse by the end of the day and I have numbness and pain in them. They did add hctz about week ago. Should

Disease and treatmen. I think you may be confusing the disease and the treatment. Coreg (carvedilol) is treatment for congestive heart failure. The timing is coincidental. The way Coreg (carvedilol) is used is to start at 3.125 mg, then go to 6.25, then 12.5, then 25 mg (all twice a day). The 3.125 mg doesn't have any effect and wouldn't cause swelling. You didn't mention amlodipine, but if you were put on that, it typically causes swelling.
It . It sounds like you have dependent edema. This is generally the result of poor venous circulation. Sometimes leg edema can be the sign of heart failure. If you have gained more than 5 pounds in the last few days or are having shortness of breath, you may want to call your doctor today. If not, it can probably wait until next week. I always tell patients if they are unsure, they should call their doctor. Better safe than sorry. Ps: it is unlikely related to the coreg, (carvedilol) but with any drug, there is no 100 % guarentee.