What can I do? I am a 56 year old male I weigh 450 lbs. I have copd, asthma and I have a c-pap I take spiriva, advair, Flonase and singulair. I take Coumadin because I had blood clots in my lungs. I have arthritis in my knees and I can't stand very long beca

Weight Loss. It starts with weight loss, my friend. You have heard it many times and will continue to hear it but it is essential for you to start down the road of weight loss. Ask for a consult with a dietitian.
There . There is always help if you are ready to receive it, internalize it, and act on it. Due to your multiple problems you will need a multi-disciplinary approach. Start by following up with all your doctors and following their recommendations. The key here i believe is for you to seek counseling. Dealing with so many issues is very difficult and can take a toll on your mental well being and your ability to cope and deal with what may seem to be an overwhelming or hopeless situation, and to ultimately accept all possible outcomes, good or bad. In addition you need to be screened for depression and treated accordingly. I wish you all the best.