My 14 month old son is running a low temperature, is notreally eating or drinking, but is acting normal. Could this just be teething?

Could be. Make sure temp is below 100.5 and that your child is hydrated. Kids dehydrate very fast, so would be good idea to have him checked by a pediatric dental specialist, now.
Could be. Some children do get a low grade fever with teething. If the rest of his behavior is basically normal then just give it more time. It is important to keep him hydrated with fluids. As long as he doesn't stop eating and drinking a day or two of reduced eating is no problem. If other behaviors change you should have his pediatrian check him out just to be sure e doesn't have a cold as well.
Could be. Teething will sometimes present with a low grade fever. If your child appears to be happy and healthy and is acting fine i wouldnt worry. It may be worth a quick check up with your childs md to make sure.