I am not on birth control but if my boyfriend uses good condoms and pulls out with it on, can I still get pregnant? If there is no tear in the condom, should we be okay? We are both young and he has had sex before and has always used condoms.

Good . Good for you and your boyfriend for using condoms! it's the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. As far as pregnancy goes, if the condoms are used correctly every time you have vaginal sex, 2 out of 100 women over the course of a year will become pregnant anyway. Just like any form of birth control, there is no 100% guarantee that you will not become pregnant, but there is a 98% chance you won't get pregnant with correct condom use and that's pretty good. You may also want to think about Plan B (the morning-after pill) just in case the condom tears or falls off (it happens!). Attached below are 2 planned parenthood websites: one with information on the condom and one on information on plan b.