My mom had abdominal pans on saturday one now 3 days later half her eye is bloody what's wrong and should I worry should I take her to the hospital

It . It sounds like your mother has "sub-conjunctival hemorrhage". This is a benign condition that does not cause pain and does not affect your vision. It resolves by itself and does not need medication to heal. It is caused by coughing or straining (as if you are constipated). Other times it occurs with no known cause. Don't worry, it is a benign condition.
Probably . Probably no relation between the too--but.......If you cough or sneeze very hard or bear down strongly when going to the bathroom---enough pressure can be transmitted to the find vessels on the white appearing surface of the eye leading a blood vessel to pop or ooze. This creates the blood red look to the white part of the eye. Very much like a bruise on the arm which should turn yellow over the ensuing days and then disappear. If not, see an ophthalmologist.
Hello, This . Hello, this sounds like bleeding or bruising in the superficial transparent part of the eye and this is why you see blood. This can happen due to increased intra-abdominal pressure while sneezing, straining, coughing or having a difficult bowel movement - in this case it is benign and will resolve without consequences. Similar bleeding can however happen in the back of the eye, in the retina and may cause blurry vision - that requires an attention of an ophthalmologist. Also, such bleeding can be a sign of infection - please make sure your mom is seen by an ophthalmologist who can rule that out or treat her appropriately. Hope it helps! best wishes, irina ganelis, M.D. Los angeles eye institute http://losangeleseyeinstitute.Com.