How should I use birth control pills for the first time I have a 28 days pills I want to know if should I have it everyday right after my period ends and if I have to use them during the next period,

If . If you are taking the combined estrogen and Progesterone pills (this is the most common type) you can start them at any time. If you start within five days after the start of your period, you are protected against pregnancy right away and will not need to use a backup method of birth control. That means that if your period starts on a sunday morning, you can start the pill up to friday morning to be protected right away. If you start at any other time during your menstrual cycle, you will be protected from pregnancy after seven days. Use a condom, diaphragm, or sponge if you have intercourse during the first 7 days you are on the pill. I attached the planned parenthood website with lots of great information about the pill if you have any additional questions. You can also call the doctor who prescribed the pill for any additional information.