Could having a bad seizure when I'm waking up after surgery be a reaction to general anesthesia?

No. Anesthesia is generally protective against seizures. This is somthing else. I might consider talling to a neurologist to see if something else is going on.
Probably not. Usually general anesthetics suppress seizures rather than make you more susceptible to them. However some medications can lower your seizure threshold. You should go over all your meds and their interactions with your doctor. If you had brain surgery, that could play a role in this situation too.
While it . Is possible that a medication directly caused a seizure, it is likely that the seizure was caused by another factor, like hypoxia or an electrolyte abnormality. Or that there is an underlying seizure disorder. Also, if you were cold, it is possible you were shivering and not seizing. A careful review of your anesthesia record should allow your next anesthesiologist to deliver a safe anesthetic.