Is it normal for a doctor to prescribe Prozac for mood swings and high emotions during menopause I am going through menopause and am very emotional and have mood swings sometimes I feel like crying for no reason I jump at people these things are not norma

Work with your doc . Menopause usually occurs around age 52. As you are a lot younger, you may have experienced menopause through surgery (hysterectomy) or other medical reason. Sometimes, it is helpful to use antidepressants as women adjust to the changes of menopause.
This . This is very common practice for many doctors. Others may lean toward hormone replacement or both but honestly every doctor is different. So to answer your question again it is "normal" for a doctor to prescribe Prozac (fluoxetine) in this situation. I encourage you to ask questions, be informed, and advocate for yourself at all times. Good luck.