I am 25 years old, I am always tired I have mood swings and bad anxiety. It affects my daily life. Loud noises and my children crying make me very anxious and nervous. When they are crying it feels like it's 10x louder than it really is. I am always so ti

Evaluation. An evaluation by a psychiatrist can be very helpful to manage mood/anxiety and perhaps talk about resources for stress management. Anxiety and mood changes are quite treatable and support can help manage resources and decrease stress which is optimal.
Please seek help. It sounds like you have depression and anxiety. Even a small dose of medicine might alleviate your symptoms. Your hypersensitivity to noise may go down and you may have the patience to attend to your children more empathically when you feel better. Hope things get better soon.
If. If you think you may be suffering from anxiety and/or depression, definitely talk to your doctor. Tell them about your symptoms and concerns. Getting help is the first step to getting better. Research shows that people who are treated with medication and therapy improve much faster and stay healthy longer than either one alone. Good luck!