Is there a way to tell when I was infected with genital herpes. I received positive test results today from a herpes swab culture. I had a blood test back in june that came back negative. I have been with the same sexual partner since november of 2009. On

Herpes . Herpes is caused by a virus that can lie dormant in the body for years. Because of this, you can catch it from someone who has never even had any symptoms. Since you had a negative test in june and a positive test now, it's safe to say you probably contracted herpes sometime between then and now, but when and from who cannot be determined. Either partner could have transmitted it to you and your outbreak would not have necessarily coincided with when you contracted it. I attached a center for disease control website with information about herpes below.
Recent infection. ...the nature of symptoms can give a clue. If multiple painful sores, inflamed lymph nodes, and sometimes fever, it's probably a new infection (within 1-2 weeks). Also, if blood test is negative but becomes positive in a few weeks, it's new. Milder outbreaks usually are recurrence of longstanding infection. Make sure virus is types, need to know HSV1 vs HSV2. Partner needs repeat blood test.