Can surgery cure Parkinson's forever?

No. Unfortunately parkinson's disease (pd) is not curable. Most surgeries for pd can help with the stiffness, walking problems, and tremor associated with pd. Unfortunately, most patients progress with time into a state of dementia (cognitive difficulties) and this is not preventable by any current medications or surgeries. Fortunately, most pd does not progress very quickly.
Not Exactly. Brain surgery may be considered when drugs fails to control symptoms of parkinson's disease or cause severe or disabling side effects. Surgery is not a cure for parkinson's disease. Drugs are usually still needed after surgery. But surgery can reduce the number and amount of drugs needed to control symptoms. This reduces the side effects caused by drugs while at the same time controlling symptoms.

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If a person undergoes deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's disease, are the tremors permanently cured?

Expect Improvement. Many patient experience a reduction in the tremors, but don't expect a "cure." sometimes medications can be decreased, and this can also provide overall improvement (less side effects). Read more...
DBS improves tremor . Parkinson's disease is a disease of the whole brain, and tremor is one sign. Luckily, dbs works great for tremor. It may even help the tremors permanently. However, dbs does not stop the progression of parkinson's disease. As the parkinson's disease progresses, other signs develop that are not helped by the dbs. This is a complex discussion that should be held with your movement disorders doc. Read more...