My 11 yr old son, it started out while he was sleeping now he has been having them during the day. He is having shortness of of breath, racing heart, sharp pains in the chest area, fingers and feet numb feeling EKG was normal, chest X-ray was good, seem

These . These symptoms could be due to an abnormal heart rhythm, hormone imbalance (such as hypothyroidism) or even panic attacks. Since he is still having symptoms, you should call his doctor and discuss further possible work-up. His doctor may be able to send blood work to rule out an endocrine disorder. Despite the normal ekg and chest x-ray, you may want to talk to your son's doctor about seeing a cardiologist. If he was not having symptoms during his last normal ekg, then he may benefit from wearing a holter monitor which can monitor his heart at home 24/7. There are certain arrhythmias that can only be caught on an ekg while the person is having the episode. Panic attacks are also a possibility, but everything else needs to be ruled out first. Good luck!
Breathing. Dr mcmullen very nicely described this. See your pediatrician for further workup . Good luck.