Is iodine safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. An adequate amount of iodine intake is essential for thyroid function. A pregnant woman has higher iodine requirements.
In moderate amounts. If the amount of iodine you are taking is not huge, and it's not radioactive, there is no danger to the fetus or the baby, though the iodine will probably equilibrate with the offspring. Why are you taking iodine?

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Is it safe to take polyvidone iodine while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Best to avoid. Povidone-iodine, a broad spectrum antibacterial antiseptic. Iodine absorption can be extensive with vaginal use; avoid douching with povidone iodine during breastfeeding. Some studies have shown the baby's thyroid function to be affected; some have not. All have shown elevated iodine levels in breast milk and in the baby. Effects on pregnancy have not been fully studied; use only if indicated. Read more...
Yes. For minor skin cuts you can use povidone iodine. However, you should check with your doctor to determine if that is the best treatment. Read more...