Crooked nose since I broke it years ago - is there any way to straighten it without surgery? I broke my nose four years ago and its been crooked ever since... Is there any way to straighten it without surgery?

Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, once a nose has been injured and the cartilage and bone have healed into the "new" position, there is no way to get them back to where they were without surgical correction. There is usually a window of time, 10-14 days, after surgery where bones. An sometimes be manipulated. After that only surgery will help.
Unfortunately . Unfortunately a deformed nose needs surgery to repair it to be straight and to realign the septum( center support). It will probably look better and you will breath better too. Probably less sinus problems too! best wishes.
There . There isn't really a good non-surgical option to correct a crooked nose. There are several surgical options to improve the outward deviation while at the same time improving any functional breathing issues.