Does living without a spleen have to worry when you get a fever higher than 100.4? Do you always get an infection? I'm having this fever for the past 4 days. It keeps going up and down. The highest was 101.6. I've been taking a warm shower, using an ice p

See a doctor. A fever of unknown origin in someone without a spleen is worrisome. Get in to a doctor and don't wait.
People . People who have their spleens removed run a very real risk of life threatening infection. Their immune system is weakened. They are prone to an infection called pneumococcal septicemia. It can start as a sore throat, or cough accompanied by high fever. This illness can progress very quickly, even within hours to overwelming infection which can even lead to death. It is important for people without spleens to go to their physician at the first sign of infection, and to get appropriate antibiotics. Be cautious and safe. You should see your physician soon. Best wishes.