I have a a little bump on my lip and now im starting to wouder is if it have anything to do with a cold soar/herpes it all started when it was a little bump that you couldnt even see now it got a little bit bigger than it was before and im starting to get

Lip bump. It can be a cold sore but if it does not go away in a week then there is concern for a cyst, pimple or rarely skin cancer. If you get cold sores then use abbreva. If it is not getting better then see your doctor to get antiviral pills.
Cold . Cold sores are common and are caused by herpes simplex 1 virus. It often occurs during periods of other illness, sun burn or stress. You may try variuos otc preparations for it. Your physician also can prescribe antiviral medication to take with the onset of coldsores which seem to help too. Best wishes.