Should I pratice basketball pratice tomorrow? I think I brusied my sternum because my bother impacted me in the chest on accident and it hurts when I take deep breaths and I don't know if I should go to pratice because of the deep breaths when you practic

You . You should not go to basketball practice if you cannot comfortably breathe without pain. It is better to take a day or two to rest and recover.
If . If your sternum or chest is actually bruised, swollen, red, or tender to the touch, you may want to see your doctor for an x-ray or to make sure there is no fracture. The other thing that can cause pain is the connection between the ribs and sternum (called costosternal joints). If these joints are swollen or painful, it can hurt to breath deeply, cough, or use the arms in a motion similar to a push up. These symptoms or limiatations may warrant holding on basketball until they are resolved. Once you can run and jump without pain and once you can raise your arm overhead to shoot a basketball or play defense, you should be ok to return to practice. Once you can practice without pain or limitation, you should be able to play in games.