If MRI better of mammogram? What procedures do the least damage?

MRI vs mammogram. Which one is better? It depends on the question you are asking.MRI is not a good choice for screening large populations: it is expensive,time-consuming, requires an IV injection,and there is not widespread access.Mammo is cheap,quick,widely available, and has acceptable sensitivity. MRI is exquisitely sensitive for cancer detection, but for now it has a niche role in screening and problem-solving.
Modern . Modern mammograms and MRI expose you to very little radiation exposure and are both safe. Breast mri's seem more sensitive, but either will do an adequate job for screening purposes.
MRI . Mri and mammography are complementary exams. A screening mammogram is and should be a woman's first exam. If there is a need for additional workup, as determined by the radiologist who interprets the screening study, then you may be sent for an additional test (ultrasound, mri, bsgi, depending on the suspected finding). An mri, if requested by the mammogram findings, can help better characterize a breast abnormality. It can better evaluate a woman with dense breasts. And it can evaluate the other breast in a woman with a known breast cancer in one breast. A mammogram exposes a woman to a tiny amount of ionizing radiation. An MRI is obtained using magnetic fields, also a type of radiation, but not the kind that we see discussed so often in conjunction with cancer potential.