I was supposed to get my period on oct. 30 and its nov. 18 and I haven't had uprotected sex. Whats wrong? Could I be pregnant. Also wen I wipe aafter I pee it is a orangish pinkish color but I am not in any pain.

If . If you are sexually active and your period is late you should take a pregnancy test, even if you had protected sex. Often times we think protected sex is just that, but there are situations that arise. For example the condom leaking or breaking, during fourplay a small amount of semen can be relaeased near the vagina. On the other hand, missing a period can be due to many factors such as extreme weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, certain medications, stress/anxiety. Lastly, the orange pink color you see may be the beginning of your cycle. If it persists and your period does not come you should see your doctor for an evaluation. Good luck.