For the past three days everytime I poop I bleed. It hurts when I took the inital poop and I start to bleed bright red. I don't think I see blood stools in the poop

Bright . Bright red blood (brb) coming from the rectum is an urgent situation that needs to be worked up immediately. Please see your doctor or visit an urgent care for evaluation. The possible causes of brb from the rectum include: hemorrhoids inflammatory bowel disease ( crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) intestinal infections tumors trauma foreign body vascular abnormaities(abnormal blood vessels) anal/rectal fissures bowel ischemia (when blood supply is cut off to part of the intestines) colon polyps or colon cancer diverticulosis also anemia can result from bleeding; a simple test will determine if this is an issue for you . Good luck to you.