Bx results melanoma in situ superfiscial not present at margins. Scheduled for another surgery "protocol". Why if not present at margins would they need to do another surgery? What questions should I be asking? This is 2nd melanoma last was 7 yrs ago s

Margins. Melanoma in-situ needs to be removed with a 5mm margin of normal skin to decrease the chances of local recurrence.
Bigger margins. The amount of normal skin in the margin taken around a melanoma varries by the depth of the tumor. Melanoma in situ is the thinnest and 5 mm margins are recommmend.
Ask . Ask the following questions: 1. How close was the melanoma to the margins 2. How deep was the melanoma 3. Are imaging studies such as ct necessary 4. Do i need to see an oncologist 5. What is the treatment plan.
Decrease recurrence. Even if melanoma in situ is not present at the margins - there is some risk that it will recur in the same spot. We recommend re-excision with a slightly larger margin of normal tissue around it. In most parts of the body, this does not cause too much cosmetic trouble. You do not need imaging, lab, or a medical oncology opinion - just the surgery.