What should I do for a messed up back? I have tried several things ang nothing works. It continues to get wirse and the pain is extreamley bad.

Get evaluated. See an non surgical sports medicine specialist, who could evaluate you and order the correct studies, to get to the root of your problem.
Back . Back pain is a major problem. Try not performing any lifting of more than 10 pounds. If you have to lift everything, lift with your knees and not your back, keeping your back straight. When you get into and out of bed try to keep your back straight. When you are in bed, lay on your side, or keep a pillow under your knees if you are on your back. You can try oral medications such as advil or tylenol (acetaminophen) if you don't have any reason you can't take those. If you are at all heavy, try to start walking to lose weight and this can help. However, if you have pain down your legs, changes in bladder or bowel control, or any weakness then you must be seen as an emergency.