Where can I get a prescripiion for oxycontin? I am a t 10 para, 20+ yrs. Post injury. I have had the pain since day one (20+ yrs.). I have been taking oxycontin for 10+ years. I also take nurontin and klosapam. They call it disastiesia or fantom pain.

Problem. At my website there is a tab which reviews access problems for patients on opioids for chronic pain. I hope the handouts and references help. Some names in the seattle area are given. The problem is particularly acute in washington at this time.
If . If your surgeon is no longer comfortable writing your pain medication prescriptions, you should ask for a referral to a pain management specialist. A pain specialist is a doctor who has specialized in either anesthesia, neurology or psychiatry and has concentrated their studies on the management of acute and chronic pain. Call your primary care doctor or your surgeon for a referral to someone they know and trust. A pain doctor will know how to navigate making you as comfortable as possible while minimizing side effects.