Emphysema what should I know about newer inhalers and other medicines for this. I've been on the same meds for years now. Could you please help me?

COPD. Inhaled steroids and newer combinations of steroid and long acting brochodilators are being used as are anticholinergic agents. Some inhaled steroids are more potent than others. Periodic courses of antibiotics help exacerbations. If your emphysema is not well controlled, see a pulmonary specialist. Sadly, though, there's still no cure for emphysema. Ambulatory oxygen is helpful ; needed 4 some.
There . There are many new types of inhalers available, you are right, and it is confusing. You should have your medications re-evaluated by your doctor or pulmonologist. Things to tell your doctor: if you are having worsening symptoms, such as increased shortness of breath when you walk; if your current inhalers are helping you; how many times a day you are using your inhalers; and what "sets off" your emphysema. This will help your doctor know what types of inhalers you need.