I'm having problem and all my doctors have no idea what's wrong. First I was having a sharp pain in my abdomen. Then they got worse....Then I started having angina....It got worse. My pap smears became painful and my gynecologist said he felt something bu

Not surprised. Your symptoms involve your digestive tract, heart, and reproductive tract. It's no wonder a single solution hasn't been found. Good luck!
Before . Before you have an upper GI series, your doctor can do a blood test that checks for exposure to h. Pylori. This is a bacteria that causes ulcers. If you have been exposed then your doctor will likely erradicate the bacteria with a 14 day course of antibiotics. Also you can request a different medication if the one given does not work. As far as your angina is concerned, you need to have a stress test done, a cardiologist will handle this. Lastly your pevic pain needs to be further investigated. Go back to your gynecologist for further work out; have they considered endometriosis? You have multiple issues going on, please be patient and make sure you are persistent with your care. Good luck.