What should you do for a cracked bone in a 9 year old boys back? My 9 year old grandson fell while playing basketball. Took him to the ER cuz he was in a lot of pain. Doctors said he cracked a bone in the middle of his back. All they did was give him ibup

Did they see it? If they see the crack (fracture) on an x-ray or ct scan and explain it only needs pain medicine and will heal then that's ok. I would not accept that diagnosis from a guess. It is very possible to fracture parts of the back bones that do not need treatment.
Well, . Well, it depends on what bone was injured or broken and the severity of it. In some areas of the back (such as the tailbone) if there is a mild fracture without displacement, it is just treated with rest and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. If you have any specific questions about your son's condition such as what the exact injury was, you should call his doctor to discuss. Good luck!