Allergies hi. I have been allergic to strawberries since the age of 13, (i am 19 now) it was never a big deal, I could touch and work with it, just not eat it. My lips swell up, and feels like I can't breath. The other day though, my little 3 year old sis

Rosacea allergy. Strawberries are in the rosacea family of fruits. Many young children will react to strawberries with hives but tend to outgrow these with age. Seeing an allergist is the best way to ultimately determine allergic sensitization.
You've. You've described your case very well. Indeed it seems that you are highly allergic to strawberries. It is very worrisome that your lips swell and you develope shortness of breath when eating strawberries. You probably need a formal allergy evaluation to see if you are allergic to other things too. You should discuss your situation with your physician. You really need to carry or have an Epipen (epinephrine) available in an emergency. It could save your life, as allergic reactions can develop quickly. Hope this info helps.