A 6 year old female has severe clear mucus causing coughing and vomiting of mucus. It has been ongoing since august. Tried all over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics. We've been to the doctor and tried benadryl, musinex, nasonex, allegra and claratin

Children . Children with persistent coughing especially at night might have a form of cough variant asthma. These children cough instead of wheeze. At night their airway constricts and gets smaller. The constriction of airway coupled with the inflammatory sticky clear mucus results in compromised airway and profound often loud coughing. She might not respond to the medications you have noted. She might respond to medications directed at asthma such as ventolin inhalers, steroid inhalers or singulair (montelukast) (a chewable pill). You might want to have her reevaluated by your pediatrician or family physician. An allergy evaluation might also be helpful. Best wishes.