Will a ventral hernia heal itself without having surgery? Hernia around a scar on my stomach,

A . A ventral hernia occurs at the site of a previous incision which does not heal correctly, where the lining of the abdomen, the sheath around the abdominal muscles, fail to heal. This leads to a weakness, which in general, will gradually increase due to the increased intra-abdominal pressure when one strains, or in some cases, due to build up of pressure within the abdominal cavity, such as seen with fluid build up, called ascites. Not all ventral hernias need to be repaired, however in some cases, the discomfort associated with a hernia or trapping intestine within the hernia, causing strangulation, may necessitate repair. There are several methods for repair, depending on the location and size of hernia. In this case, your surgeon can provide more specific information about what approaches may apply in your case.
It . It sounds like you have had a previous surgery and that a hernia has occurred at that site. These hernias will not heal on their own, and may slowly enlarge over time. Postoperative hernias at the site of a prior abdominal surgery are not uncommon. Once a hernia forms, it cannot heal by itself, and likely would need surgical repair some time, especially if it causes discomfort, becomes larger, or if it contains intestines. Your doctor can help you decide if the hernia can be observed or if surgery would be indicated.