Can you get pregnant during your period? I had sex on my period and my partner ejaculated inside me the 3 and 4th day of my period.

Typically . Typically you cannot get pregnant on your period as long as you are having regular periods. A regular period occurs once every 24-35 days (3.5 to 5 weeks). You can calculate your most fertile days by taking the length of your cycle and subtracting 14 days. For example, some women may have a 32 day cycle so their most fertility time would be around day 18 (32 minus 14 = 18), when ovulation is expected to occur. Women can typicaly only get pregnant within 24 hours after the egg is released from the ovary. You may wonder, then, why women are able to get pregnant more than one day per month. The reason is because the sperm may stay alive in the reproductive tract up to 5 days. The other reason is that sometimes they may ovulate a few days earlier or later than predicted by the above calculation. If you are having infrequent cycles (less than every 5 weeks) or cycles occuring twice per month then it may be more difficult to tell if bleeding is actually from a period (regular cycle) or it is bleeding in the middle of a cycle (mid cycle spotting from ovulation). Some patients use the rhythm method as a form of contraception but the pregnancy rate can be relatively high compared to other more traditional methods such as birth control, iuds or condoms. If you are interested in getting pregnant you may check an ovulation predictor kit every morning for one week starting three days before you estimated fertile period (3 days before the calculated date above). Women without fertility problems have a 25-30% chance of getting pregnant the first month of trying if they have intercourse 2-3 times per week, especially during their fertile period. Collectively women have an 85% chance of getting pregnant over the course of one year. If you have cycles ocurring more frequently than every 24 days or less frequently than every 35 days you should consider seeing an infertility specialist for fertility or evaluation of hormone levels. For more information visit us at: http://www.Infertilityanswers.Com/stephan-krotz.