Can I have a needle biopsy with breast implants, or is it too risky? I have a mass on 1 breast that has grown over 3 years. It is at the front of my breast, just slightly below the areola. I have implants, and am told that a needle biopsy is too risky an

Yes. You can get a breast biopsy with the implants safely if it is done guided by ultrasound..
Not necessarily. This truly depends n the comfort level of your general surgeon or radiologist. Using ultrasound guided needle biopsy, the risk of rupture should be low as long as the mass is located away from the implant and/or the implants are located under the muscle. You may want to call your plastic surgeon for a referral to colleagues he/she knows are comfortable performing the surgery.
Yes, in most cases it can be done. Under ultrasound guidance, the implant can be visualized, and avoided.
Needle . Needle biopsies can sometimes be done in women with breast implants. The risk is that the needle may puncture the implant and cause a leak that could require a surgery to fix. The degree of that risk depends on the location of the mass in relation to the implant. The only way to know if a needle biopsy would be safe for you is to have an experience surgeon and/or burst radiologist review the images of you breast and determine if he or she thinks they could get to the mass safely.
Depends on you. Please have an experienced interventional radiologist and/or plastic surgeon take a look at your films. If the mass is away from the implant you should be ok if they can visualize what they should. Another thing in your favor is if your implants are under the muscle. If they say it can't be needle biopsied, talk with your plastic surgeon about open biopsy options. Please follow up with this.