Do eating foods you are allergic to keep your body from absorbing dietary protein? I am allergic to beans and soy, but am trying to be a vegetarian. If I eat foods I am allergic to, do I get protein from them, or does my allergy prevent absorption?

Beans. Get tested by an allergist to determine what you are allergic to, you really do not want to test yourself with foods you are truly allergic to, as you may risk your life.
Food allergy. You will still absorb the proteins unless vomiting or diarrhea occurs. There are many alternative protein sources.
It . It depends on what kind of allergic reactions you have to beans and soy. The absorption of protein from foods may be affected by the allergic reactions that happen in the stomach and intestines depending on the severity of the allergic reactions. For a more severe reaction, the stomach and intestines are inflamed and are unable to digest and absorb the protein. The common symptoms of food allergies to beans and soy are bloated stomach, cramp, gas and loose stool. If your allergies to beans and soy do not involve stomach and intestines, then there will be no issue with protein absorption.