Does this ever get easier? After 2 lumpectomies and radiation for dcis... (believe me when I say I was in the right place at the right time) and appreciate all that's been done for me! Now looking at a complete hysterectomy for persistent HPV with (mi

Wow, . Wow, it sounds as though you have been through a lot! Many people who have chronic illnesses or have been through serious illnesses can have residual anxiety and/or depression stemming from their experiences. It may be helpful to you to have someone to talk to while you are dealing with all of these very stressful situations. The worry, the crying, the avoiding other people, the pain from clenched muscles make me concerned that you are experiencing either anxiety, depression or both. You should call your doctor to let them know how you are feeling. I promise you, you are not the first! They may be able to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist that may be able to give you the support and tools that you need in order to deal with everything you've been going through in a healthier, happier way. This is way more common than many people think, so don't hesitate to get help!