Are arm and chest pains associated with pituitary tumors?

Not commonly. These are not common symptoms of pituitary tumors...But they could occur if the tumor is producing too much thyroid or adrenal (cortisol) hormones. When someone complains of arm or chest pain, we worry more about the heart or lung rather than the pituitary.
No. The centers for the sensation and movement of the arms and legs are not anywhere near where the pituitary gland is in the brain.

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Can I get preganant if I have a pituitary tumor anf my breast is producing milk from it?

Prolactinoma N preg. Small prolactinoma producing little prolactin may not affect your chance of pregnancy, but one that is producing much hormone will likely reduce your chance some what. Many women who are actively breastfeeding produce higher prolactin than nonlactating females, but they still get pregnant during this time. So if u r trying for it, good luck, if trouble, consult doc. Good luck. Read more...
Maybe. You should discuss this with your endocrinologist/ob/gyne before getting pregnant. There are risks to consider, especially that higher estrogen levels during pregnancy may cause further growth of prolactinoma which may affect vision, etc. Read more...